Feel better today!

Feel better today!

Not feeling yourself? Stressed or overwhelmed? Its ok, our classes were made for you! ♥️

Explore our wellbeing classes

Boost your mood with happy ‘green’ benefits from our beautiful videos of the natural world.


Invest in your physical health with an exercise class suited to your fitness level.


De-stress with our meditations and then train your mind to have a resilient outlook with our positive affirmations.

Take time for you

Our classes take a holistic approach to your health. With the help of our amazing team, and our unique design, each session will allow you to invest in your mental and physical health at the same time.


Relax your mind and build your core strength, our Pilates class will help you build your flexibility and mobility. Enjoy the views of beautiful planet and join in with the affirmations to help train your mind and body together.


Get your blood pumping and feel the burn in our high intensity HIIT class. Be prepared to work hard but then feel amazing afterwards as your body reaps the benefits, burning calories faster during the day and increasing your cardiovascular health, as well as your overall fitness.

Breathe and stretch

Take time to move gently and breathe your stresses away. If you want to feel connected to your body and strengthen your posture this class is for you. It’s a very low impact class and would be suitable if you have limited mobility.


Our gentle meditations are simple, no pressure to do anything for five minutes, apart from watch the changing landscapes and let your heart rate lower, and tension melt away.

Young Ones

Get the kids moving, feeling relaxed, confident, and happy! Our Young Ones classes are broken into Key stage 1 & 2. The classes are fun and upbeat with exercises your children will find easy to do.

NHS Heroes

A class for our heroes. To help unwind and reduce stress and tension. This class has been created as a thank you for all our amazing real-life heroes. Spend some time looking after yourself for a change.

Are you ready to feel great?

Want to give your best to life, then you've got to invest in looking after your mind and body. Join us to feel happy, healthy and more resilient.

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We are here to help you enjoy life and feel your best ♥️


I’ve just done my first Shine Strong HIIT class. And honestly, I am normally so dubious about these things, but I loved it!!! It was hardcore and I clearly have a long way to go to be as fit as I wish I was, but feeling very positive and really hoping this is day one back to fitness. 


Absolutely loved my trial of the new Shine Strong Pilates class. Fab workout, easy to follow instructor and loved feeling connected to the outdoors despite not leaving my living room. Highly recommend it.


I'm already a fan of workouts at home since the Covid lockdowns. But what makes Shine Strong classes different is the positive feeling working out with the backdrop of nature, and repeating affirmations whilst doing it. I loved it! And the length of the workouts means I can fit it into a busy schedule.


I've just done a Pilates class and loved it, with so many beautiful views of nature, these classes feel healthy for my soul as well as my body.


Your home, your time

Choose the best time for you.

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Together, we are building MAIA, a Maternal Empowerment Programme, which will do just what it says on the tin! Empowering women to be ready for their motherhood journey and support them along the way.

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3 simple options - all memberships include our Shine Strong Together Community ♥️

Practice anytime, anywhere

Our love of nature was the inspiration for our classes, to take the amazing feeling you get from spending time in nature and mix it with the benefits of exercise, meditation, and affirmations, to make a unique, holistic experience which will make you feel good from the inside out.

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